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Graphic design is awesome, and so are pants.

My ideal career would be at a place that appreciates pants for the fantastic invention they are. I have years of experience working with clients ranging from individuals launching their own small businesses to Microsoft, Alaska Airlines, the Seattle Seahawks and other large local companies. I take great pride in my work which means producing the highest quality I’m capable of and always improving. While laid back and easy-going, I am professional and have been known to be serious when necessary.

My areas of expertise are focused mostly around design for print, branding, logos, and production. While I have a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, web development was never a passion of mine which is why WordPress is terrific. I’ve dabbled in 3D modelling and motion graphics, though I’m rusty on those. Not currently a hobby, but I love photography and have experience shooting Canon DSLR with studio and on site lighting.


Please contact me: kevin@lema-design.com

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